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Journal Entry: Sun Jun 24, 2012, 1:41 AM
A  journal dedicated to the remarkable KARMEN ORLIĆ & DENIS GRŽETIĆ

With gratitude for their inspiring art, continuous support and warm friendship.

A small anthology of the wonderful photography by Karmen and Denis:


a night in Etretat... by Kaarmen Istrian landscapeVII... by Kaarmen Nocturno by Kaarmen

a tree and snow by Kaarmen five of them... by Kaarmen 5-th Circle of Hell... by Kaarmen


Kinderdijk...VIII by denis2 Omaha beach...II by denis2 Los Toros De Agua by denis2

sea,sky...and metal... by denis2   Drops...VIII by denis2 Tree and grass by denis2

Please go and visit their profiles for more beauty !!!

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Exhibition CODA museum

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 4, 2012, 12:48 AM

Monochrome Journeys in CODA museum Apeldoorn

30 of my images are on display during a solo exhibition in January 2012 in the Dutch town Apeldoorn.

ID2 by Eukendei

Please check the website of CODA for openingtimes and access:…

And a little tribute to one of my favorites:


:thumb258041603:   :thumb273916112:  :thumb217301756:

:thumb270160814:   :thumb259657300:  :thumb272653192:

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Poems and Poetry

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 1, 2011, 10:36 AM
The poem Bos Boswinkel wrote for my exhibition last March in Enschede, The Netherlands.
I seriously tried to translate into English, but failed miserably..

I hope you can feel the rhythm and some of the wonderful atmosphere, needles to say I owe Bob tremendous gratitude for this wonderful poem..

Bij de foto's van Léon Leijdekkers

Wanneer land en water
de nacht
van zich af laten glijden

bespiedt de camera
vergrijsde beweging
in vierkant vlak.

De ademhaling van de dag
komt voorzichtig op gang
en dan ... KLIK!................

schuiven rimpelingen voorbij
zuchten wolken
krassen lijnen land en water

................... KLIK! .....

Bevroren tijd.
Verstilling alom.

Voor Léon Van Bob Boswinkel Fotogalerie Objektief 22-03-2011

An English translation kindly made by :iconj-vdb:

As night fades away
from its lands and from its waters

Gray motion captured in squares
As day starts to breathe, slowly

Sliding wrinkles
sighing clouds
scratching lines
forming land and water

And then...stillness
frozen in time
captured in squares

Furthermore I owe gratitude to these poetic artists for inspiring me beyond imagination:


iceland by grebille


Baltic Standards III by EmilStojek


take the right side by EbruSidar


issue by uzengia


Helium Rock by correiae


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A Trio

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 2, 2011, 3:27 AM
Please dear watchers,

Check out the works of these underappreciated Long Exposure artists who seem to drown in the "Group-System" here on dArt.

Thanks for visiting their profiles and faving their work !


:thumb202850327: :thumb195994291::thumb197345441:


Split Jetty by BlaineBarratt Aged by BlaineBarratt Dawn Wharf by BlaineBarratt



All the best !  Léon

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Monochrome Journeys

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 30, 2011, 3:31 AM
I am vey happy and proud to be able to announce the first ever exhibition of my work !

ID by Eukendei

A solo-exhibition from the 2nd till the 25th of March 2011 displaying 30 of my waterscapes organized by :

Fotogalerie Objektief, Walstraat 33, Enschede, The Netherlands  ( )

Please check their website for opening-times and location.

The official opening is the 27th of February, 16:00.

It is sad to realize for so many of you this town is something like "outer-space" and impossible to visit, non the less I want to thank everyone who so kindly commented on my images for the encouragement which certainly contributed to me accepting the galleries invitation..

Thanks and be well !


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Dark Times

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 13, 2010, 4:05 AM
Difficult times here in the Netherlands for the arts; severe lack of nourishment (dramatic cutback on funding) and a frightening narrow-minded atmosphere…  

Anyway: I'd like to present some beautiful artworks by some of my very favourite photographers that fit my sad mood and give hope of a better world:


stay there by QUEEN-OF-LONELESS         emptiness by QUEEN-OF-LONELESS      one man's history by QUEEN-OF-LONELESS


99 by Bela01   80 by Bela01   76 by Bela01


Alongshore by samuilvel Unfinished pier by samuilvel   Kapana III by samuilvel


Pilgrims by Maciej-Koniuszy Moonlight by Maciej-Koniuszy    Baltic sea at night IV by Maciej-Koniuszy


Black creek 2 by marcopolo17   Blue morning by marcopolo17   Dark castel IV by marcopolo17  


Silver Dust by spare-bibo Kod Pila by spare-bibo Stormy Weather by spare-bibo

Please visit the artists profiles, much more beauty images to find there !!!

Shameless self-promotion:

Mike and Paul of this highly sympathetic group  :iconphotography-clic: are two photography addicts on a mission..
please: do check out their magazines and group philosophy. They want to be a platform where we can all learn from each-other regardless of level, skills or background, a highly  admirable idea in my view..

They were so kind to have a short interview with me which you can find in the latest issue of their group-magazine:

Not from this muddy earth is the interpretation of Frans Schubert's Pianosonata # 21 in B-flat D960 by Mitsuko Uchida !!!!!!!!!!!!


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An involuntary surrender

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 28, 2010, 2:37 AM
As I started off with dArt I was surprised and overwhelmed with the attention people give my work.
Sadly I have to conclude that, however I'm still very grateful for each and every comment and fav that's given, time no longer permits me to thank everyone personally for each comment and fav.

Please be assured of my appreciation even though I didn't find the time to reply !
( It's just not possible for me to take it all for granted.. )

Now some brilliant artist:

What about the incredible vision of:


:thumb107459102:  :thumb157475961:     :thumb167907127:   

And the very underestimated work of:


Beautiful atmosphere in his work and a very rarely seen control of tonal-range

Baltic Sea, Study 12 by kapanaga    Observation Point by kapanaga   Cold Morning by kapanaga  

Stunning masterpieces by Emil Stojek:


Arise by EmilStojek   Deep Inside by EmilStojek   Stones IV by EmilStojek

And may I introduce you to these wonderful abstracts of 


Blues Sonata No. 1 by PoLazarus2     Blues Sonata No. 3 by PoLazarus2     Blues Sonata No. 6 by PoLazarus2

I know they're color ;) but I really fell in love with them,

And if anything, take it from me: the works of Anton Webern aren't horrible to listen to...
When given time to learn to appreciate the atonal style a whole new universe of sublime thoughts and emotions will be your reward !
(if not: I just tried and failed, which is not unusual ;) )

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Underestimated gems

Journal Entry: Sun May 23, 2010, 8:21 AM
Well, in my view that is ;)

Please check out these images and their makers:

:thumb162479731:   The house on the lake by kgeri   island of mystic by gmiedx


in the dark by a-n-j-e-e   ... by tonchee   Conversation of rock and cloud by PansaSunavee       

Wonderful works don't you agree ?

Our dear Hengki :iconhengki24: underestimated ?

Probably not, such a well known brillient and versatile photographer,

Truely a photographic virtuoso !

Yet these works can't get enough attention in my view, such worldclass images..

Dusk in Kintamani by Hengki24     Borobudur PM by Hengki24

And of a complete different nature but with incredible depth:

gethsemane by Hengki24

Thank you all for visiting the profiles and supporting these artists..

Listening to Schuberts 9th symphony, which lasts nearly an hour; that's my time in heaven today: nearly one hour ;)

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Monochrome Addiction

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 27, 2010, 4:56 AM
Monochrome is my addiction.. Now and then I stumble on galleries from people who know the ropes,
very often very famous photographers of course, but also now and then very underestimated artists:

I'd like to present the wonderful work of

Marcus Scott            :iconsparxphoto:

April Morning by sparxphoto    day 2 - 1 by sparxphoto        the last defence by sparxphoto

Please visit his profile !!!


I also ejoyed this series very, very  much;       ellisdarkroompolaroids.darkfol…

This sequence of beauty images by :iconelli71: puts you in a "trance", one of the great qualities of art; allowing one to leave this muddy planet for a while..


There are works of art that seem to surpass all earthly boundaries.
(and althoug I'm trying to promote underestimated artists I can't resist presenting these works everyone already knows...)

92 by acukur

Etretat.... by denis2

where are my roots by taykut

Manhattan Island by Jez92

And please remember; as long as there's music like Beethoven's late stringquartets there's no need to despair ;)

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Attempting Instinct

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 23, 2009, 5:35 AM
I'm here for a few weeks now. I'm totally blown away by all the encouragement, kind remarks, faving of my images. Just incredible and totally unexpected..
Just thought I'd try my limited skills on some sort of "journal" and thank everyone for their support !

                                   Thank you !

Now more importaintly:

Please visit this great photographers page :icontristancampbell:. I'm pretty sure by now he won't answer any comments, remarks, (or pleas, threatens, money offers etc. for that matter ;) ), but his work is so beautiful, just, just have a go and see !!

Such a natural feel for composition, and beiing there at the right moment ! He shoots mainly colour and these black and whites are some of the best images I know..

Dark Days by TristanCampbell Black Clouds, Silver Linings by TristanCampbell Time passing by .... by TristanCampbell

From the moment I joined dA I was so lucky to discover the work of Alex O'Brien. I realise a lot of people know his work already and are, like me, inspired by his ongoing experimentations and neverending inspiration.
Just a small selection:

Travelling by aobaob Back To The Sea by aobaob Dog by aobaob

For those who celebrate Xmas; have a great time !
For those like me who don't, have a great time too !


(And please, if anything, take it form me; as long as there's music like Beethovens' (f.i. the late pianosonates played by Pollini) there is no need to despair..)

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